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“My biz and myself neeeed a Graphic Designer in our lives. What’s involved?”

Whether your existing business is stale and in need of a rebrand, you’re thinking of starting a new venture, or you need a flyer or sign designed - nothing is as impactful to your customers as how attractive, trustworthy and valuable your image looks! My goal is always to find the soul of your business and express it visually.

Each project is treated differently, depending upon its needs, however, below is generally how I approach designing, as well as the process of it.


The client and I chat! We talk target markets, competitors, strategy, and goals. I strive to clearly understand what the client is after - what they want their design to look/feel like and what they want it to represent. I want to know colours and the feelings the client wants to illustrate. Sometimes I ask clients to provide me with a few samples of logos / designs they do like, and others they do not.


Once I have chatted to the client about what they are after for their brand, I get to work and develop the concept/s. When I am happy with the concepts, I will email them to the client.


The client gets back to me and we discuss any possible changes.


I make the alterations.


Steps 3 and 4 continue until the client is happy with the design.


In the case of a logo - I provide the client with the logo files which contains the final logo in six different formats, a colour palette, and all fonts used.
In the case of print work - I provide the client with the final print files or send the files to print, suggesting stock and finishes and sourcing the best trade printer for the job. Delivery is also sorted, so the client can get back to what they do best - running their business and tending to their own clients!